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Esmeralda County

Blair sprang to life in 1906 during the era of the big mining booms in nearby Tonopah and Goldfield. When speculators bought up all the land in nearby Silver Peak, prices were driven up so high that the mill was built 1 ½ miles north in Blair by the Pittsburgh Silver Peak Mining Company. The 17 ½ mile Silver Peak Railroad was built as a spur off of the main line of the Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad. Blair had a local newspaper called the weekly ‘Press’, as well as saloons, stores and a two-story hotel. Blair had a population estimated at nearly 700. Ore begin to decline around 1916 and Blair was completely abandoned by 1920.

Post Office:  Nov. 1906  to  Dec. 1916

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  April 2013. We came in on Highway 265 to the north and left via Silver Peak to the south. Both routes were good.

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