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Governor's Mansion

Carson City

The first residence was built in 1860 by William M. Stewart. It was sold to Territorial Governor James Nye in 1862. Stewart and Nye would become Nevada's first two U.S. Senators in 1864. The residence was later owned by Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court George Talbot. In the early years of Nevada, our Governors were required to find their own lodging. In 1907, the Nevada Legislature passed the 'Mansion Bill' which would provide funding to build a residence for the Governor and his family. George Ferris from Reno was awarded the contract for $22,700.00. A woman known as "Mrs. R.B. Rickey" offered the land for the mansion and accepted only $10 for the purchase. Construction was started and completed between 1908 and 1909. The first Governor to live in the mansion was Denver Dickerson.

The first three photographs are of the original Stewart/Nye Residence built in 1860. The last three photographs are of the current Governor's Mansion that was completed in 1909.

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