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Grant City

Nye County

In late 1868, the Grant Mining District was formed. Grant City was established along with other mining camps in the area like Troy and Central City, etc. The peak population reached over 100 by 1869. They built a street system, had a blacksmith, an assay office and saloon among the local businesses. Silver was the main commodity here, but the veins didn't hold up for very long. The Blue Eagle and Meridian mines operated in the area. A man named George Norton was a local assayer who held several mining claims in the area. Norton organized the Old Colony mining district in the area. However, by 1870, Grant City was on the decline. A small revival occurred in the early 1880’s, but by 1884 Grant City was completely abandoned. According to Shawn Hall, in the 1940’s a group of individuals from the Los Angeles area used Grant City as a summer retreat.

It's kind of an interesting area, sitting in a huge island of trees up in a canyon. We found a really cool old corral system (my guess) built in a really heavily wooded area... If you're looking for an easy trip with a lot of standing structures, this isn't the place. If you're looking to be way out in the middle of nowhere, with that feeling of a long- abandoned Nevada mining camp, this is for you. Most of you will probably never make it here, but if you do, please be respectful. It won't be long before nature completely takes this place back. No need to speed up the process. I added a photo of the road. You decide your comfortability.

Post Office:  None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  June 2019. We went up in a side by side, but I don’t remember running into anything that would have scared me in my truck.

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