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Humboldt City

Pershing County

Humboldt City was one of the very early settlements in Nevada prior to statehood. Silver was discovered in Humboldt Canyon in 1860 by a Frenchman named Louis Barbeau. Initial assays came back as high as $2,700 per ton. Not long after, there was a prospecting rush to the area. Although there was an original peace treaty made with local Paiutes, hostilities soon caused settlers to leave the area by early 1861. This didn't last. A new rush by summer saw 200 people living in the area. By 1863, the population at Humboldt City was approximately 500 residents. The town contained two hotels, two saloons and a blacksmith shop. Historians speak about the picturesque setting of the town, as well as the community pride. The homes were well-built, beautiful gardens were common and a stream ran through town. The Civil War was in full effect during this period of time. According to Paher, one of the saloon owners was "always ready to argue or fight politics..." Many new silver strikes were being made in the surrounding mountains. San Francisco stock investors eventually planned to build a ditch from the Humboldt River to the base of Humboldt Canyon. The plan was to create a large water fall for milling purposes. It never did happen. After 1864, new ore discoveries had slowed down. By 1869, the post office closed for good. Humboldt City was on its way to becoming a ghost town.

Post Office: April 18, 1862 to November 30, 1869.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I finally got there and checked this one off the list in May of 2022. I never had to lock in four-wheel drive. With that said, this road can get very rocky and bumpy in spots. Towards the top of the canyon as you're approaching Humboldt City, the stream runs down the road, creating a little bit of washout. I attached a photo of the road. None of this was a problem for what I drive, but I wouldn't take the sedan. This place checks all the boxes for me... 1. Remote 2. Beautiful scenery 3. Cool stream 4. A lot of cool relics. Those things all put Humboldt City high on my list of cool Nevada ghost towns.

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