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Ivirs City

White Pine County

If someone knowledgeable were to tell me that this isn't Ivirs City and that I found something else, I'd listen. There is next to nothing written on this place and literally no photos for comparison. We followed the directions as good as we could. There isn't much to indicate that anything ever existed here. I found a couple areas with rock foundations. You could easily look at these and believe that they were just nature's rock piles. But one spot still had a tiny bit of stone stacking. There were also small dumps around these spots, which further show that they were man-made. This place is as far out in the middle of nowhere as you are going to get. The last mile to Ivirs City will 'Nevada Pinstripe' your ride. Pull your rear-view mirrors in or the trees will do it for you. If you are like me and simply want to stand in the same place that the pioneers did, have fun. But if you are looking for a ghost town with cool relics, this is NOT it.

Historical description coming soon.

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