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Mineral Hill

Eureka County

Prospectors from Reese River first discovered silver here in 1869. The Mineral Hill Mining District was formed. Mines included the Austin, Mary Ann, Rim Rock, Grant, Star of the West, Vallejo and Pogonip. By 1870, the population was between 400 and 500 residents. Businesses included a meat market, saloons, stores, restaurants, the three-story Grand Hotel, a school and a stage line to Palisade.  Things were declining by 1873 and only a handful of residents remained. By 1874, the Mineral Hill Mining Company was bankrupt. By 1881, a revival was under way and 150 residents were living here again. This lasted through 1887. Revivals occurred through 20th century. 10 people still lived here in 1920.

Post Office:  May 9, 1871 to March 1, 1873 (as part of Elko County). March 1, 1873 to July 9, 1888 (as part of Eureka County). Mail received at Eureka or Palisade after that until 1914.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  The last time was in June of 2017. It's a decent drive back into the hills. The dirt road was okay for the most part, except for one deep V that I remember. A lesser vehicle may have problems with bottoming out. Trucks may bottom out front or rear bumpers while navigating the V. I also tried to go up there one year in late spring. I was in a good truck with good tires. It was fine until I hit one patch of decent snow about 50 yards long. I got about halfway through the snow patch, got stuck and had to back out. Just be prepared for stuff like that. There is a cool orchard of some kind up in the canyon beyond the town site.

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