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Moss Mine

Lander County

For this mine, I went to the Nevada historians, the mining geology books, the newspaper archives, USGS, etc. I have come up with almost nothing. There are only a couple of relevant excerpts from the USGS Report. It states that silver and gold were the primary commodities It also states that more than $100,000 was produced. The report gives a few small details about the actual mine. For example, it states that the mine has irregular ore shoots that are generally less than 100 feet long. The report doesn't give any further, relevant information. No year of discovery or years of production, etc. are listed. If I find further information, I will post it. Based on the building style of the cabin, as well as its location right next to the mine shaft, I would guess that this was an earlier mine that was originally operated on a small or individual level.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: June of 2022. It's a dirt road, but it was pretty good.

Source: USGS MRDS Report- 10045229 Moss Mine.

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