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Nevada Historical Markers 251-274


I have at least 11 of 23.

Note: According to the SHPO, marker 268 was never assigned. I also can't find any info on markers 272 and 273. I don't know if they were ever assigned either. As of January 2022, when you click the marker link on their website, it lists the "List of all Markers by Number" in the following order:

266: African Americans and the Boston Saloon in Storey
267: Galena Creek Fish Hatchery in Washoe
There is no listing for 268
269: Ely forging the Link in White Pine
270: The Morelli House in Clark
271: Pony Express Route in Churchill
There is no listing for 272
There is no listing for 273
274: Nevada State Hospital in Washoe This is the link for their website.

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