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Spring Valley (Lincoln Co.)

Lincoln County

This area wasn't as easy to research as I thought it would be. I have also found some conflicting dates. The names Millet, Millett and Willett all appear, but never together. This leaves me wondering if the spellings are a misprint or error. "History of Nevada" by Davis states that this area was first used for Livestock by Mormons in 1863. Davis goes on to state that the area was first officially settled by William Moody and Alma Willett in 1867. Thompson and West's "History of Nevada 1881" also states that Moody and Willett settled here in 1867. Thompson and West speak of potatoes and grain being planted here in 1868. The potatoes did well, but the grain was devoured by grasshoppers. Thompson and West claimed that 20 Mormon families had settled in this valley, with only four families remaining at the time of their writing in 1880-1881. The Nevada State Parks website states that Mormons first settled here in 1864. They mention two ranching families named Rice and Millet. As stated above, no single publication mentions any more than one of the names (Willett, Millett, Millet). The building that you find preserved today is stated to have been the original Millet ranch home. There is also a very old cemetery in the area. Burials from the Rice and Millet (Millett) families are located here. In the late 1990's, there was a gravestone in the cemetery for a girl named "Aldurah Artemisia Millett". The inscription further reads: "1 Dec 1856 Manti, Sanpete County Utah. 28 Mar 1869 Spring Valley, Lincoln County Nevada. SHE WAS LOVED BY ALL WHO KNEW HER". I do have some older, distance photographs of very old gravestones in this cemetery. These gravestones clearly had written markings on them. Unfortunately, I am not able to make out what the writing says. If I'm ever back down there, I will do a better job at documenting them. If they are still in-tact.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I have been to this area more times than I can count. Eagle Valley and the surrounding area was a staple for us while growing up. This mainly took place through the 1990's. The last time that I was here, was in September of 2013. The road back through here from Ursine and Eagle Valley is good. With that said, this area can get very stormy and snowy. We got stuck back here in the snow and mud in the late 1990's. We were so stuck that we had to spend the night. The next day, the Delmue Brothers (multi-generational ranchers from the area) helped get us out. They spent several hours helping us. This included a run back to their ranch for plywood and a handyman jack. We repaid them by throwing hay to their cattle from the back of the flatbed. Trips like that seem terrible at the time, but when looking back on it, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sources: History of Nevada (By: Sam P. Davis); History of Nevada 1881 (By: Thompson & West); Nevada State Parks (Website)- History of Spring Valley State Park; Spring Valley Cemetery- Historical Placard.

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