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Elko County

Gold was first discovered here by a Shoshone in 1867. The discovery was shown to a trader, who later brought a party up from Austin. The camp was later named Tuscarora by C.M. Benson, who had served on the Union Gunboat Tuscarora during the Civil War. By the end of 1867, nearly 300 miners had come to the area. The Central Pacific was completed in 1869. Hundreds of former Chinese railroad workers flocked to the area. Silver was later discovered near Mount Blitzen in 1871. Shortly after this, there was a flood to the new silver discoveries by the white miners, and the present location of Tuscarora was platted. The population of Tuscarora in 1877 was estimated at between 3,000 and 4,000 residents. Within a few years, the population had leveled off and remained at about 1,500 residents. Two newspapers operated here. They were the "Times" and the "Review". They eventually merged into the "Times Review". Low silver prices in the late 19th century, coupled with new strikes in other parts of the state in the early 20th century, helped lead to the decline of Tuscarora. There have been modern day mining operations in the area since. But these operations are simply work sites, not mainly associated with the employees living in Tuscarora. Tuscarora is not a TRUE ghost town, in the sense that a handful of people still live there. The Independence Valley remains much like the rest of Elko County. A large producer of beef cattle, with many prominent ranches remaining in the area. 

The Zweifel House still stands. It was originally moved to its present location in 1877 from the nearby town of Cornucopia. It is believed that the first murder committed in Tuscarora, happened in this home. 

Post Office:  July 18, 1871 to October 7, 1872;  April 16, 1873 to Present. 

Fraternal Societies:  Tuscarora Masonic Lodge #21; Tuscarora Odd Fellows Lodge #30; Knights of Pythias; Ancient Order of United Workmen; Ivy Rebekahs (Odd Fellows); Pythian Sisters; Order of Good Templars

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  I have been here many times. The last trip for exploring and not just passing through, was in November of 2016. The roads are good during the good weather months. During the bad winter months, they can get very bad. Snow packed and mudded up. I would suggest four-wheel drive and good tires during the bad weather periods of the winter. 

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