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Angell House

Elko County

The only reference that I found regarding this location was on a 1923 survey map. It is listed as the "John Angell House". I found very little reference for John Angell in the newspaper archives. What I did find was a series of claims made and published in the Elko papers between 1909 and 1917. These claims were in reference to land, as well as water use from Van Duzer Creek. The purpose of this water use was irrigation, livestock and domestic purposes. In one claim, Angell appears to have been partnered with a man named A.F. Niedt. The claims also listed Angell as being from Mountain City. The posting in 1917 was a notice of "intention to make final five-year proof, to establish claim to the land above described..." Angell listed William and Pierce Vore of Elko, Samuel McGinnis of Mountain City and Samuel T. Martin of Mountain City as witnesses.

Sources: U.S. Surveyor General's Office- 1923 Survey Map (Surveyor: Carl S. Swanholm); Elko Daily Independent (Newspaper).

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