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Nye County

AKA:  Clear Creek

The area operated as a cattle ranch in the late 1800’s. Although Antelope didn't become active with mining discoveries until the early 1900’s, other camps in the area such as Danville and Stargo had mining discoveries much earlier. Businesses in Antelope included a boardinghouse and blacksmith shop. By 1908, Antelope faded. A small clay mining operation took place here in 1944, but it was also short-lived. Cattle ranching is still active in the area. It is said that Antelope was still being used as a base camp for cattle roundups in modern times. It is also a popular thoroughfare for hunters and locals who explore in the area. There are roads located here that take you south to Highway 6, north to Highway 50, and west over Dobbins Summit into Monitor Valley.

Post Office:  April 1905 to July 1908.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  The last trip was in Oct. 2020 while deer hunting. There are several ways in and out, depending on where you are coming from. All of them are decent dirt roads that don't generally require four-wheel drive. However, they are all extremely long dirt roads in the middle of nowhere and can be changed by weather. Be very careful in the winter.

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