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Elko County

Arthur was a small cattle ranching community. There is still a very heavy ranching presence in the area. It was located at the very north end of the Ruby Valley. This is just south of where Secret Pass leads into the Starr Valley. The community was settled as early as the late 1860's. By 1881 there were about 50 residents living at Arthur. The community maintained a school, a community hall, a post office and was a stop on the Ruby Valley stage line. Although this specific community no longer exists, the surrounding area still maintains a strong ranching culture with generational bloodlines.

Post Office: April 21, 1881 to May 25, 1887; September 14, 1889 to June 30, 1951.

Fraternal Organizations: Good Templars.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I go past Arthur regularly. The road through the northern end of the Ruby Valley is paved. It's a very rural highway. It gets very snowy and icy in the winter. Be careful in the winter and watch for storms.

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