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Belcher Mine

Storey County

According to the USGS, the year of discovery was 1859. The first year of real production was 1868. Silver and gold were listed as primary commodities. USGS Report Quote: "Continuous producer from 1868 to 1916....." USGS Report Quote: "The big bonanza at the Crown Point Mine was also found at the Belcher Mine. The ore body, discovered at the 1000-foot level of the Crown Point Mine, lies wholly within the main Comstock Lode. Staked in 1859, it enjoyed near continuous production from 1860 to 1899, with sporadic production through 1920. Total production from 1868 to 1916 was 960,626 tons of ore averaging $36.68 per ton. Currently part of Houston Oil & Min's open pit mine."

Belcher Mine- Mining Deaths- (1863 through 1882): My source: Comstock newspaper archives from that era.

1866: Charles Scott- July 10.
1871: Andrew Wilson & John Beckerleg- November 1.
1872: Andy Strominger- February 15; Richard Pine- June 21; William B. Stephens- December 8.
1873: John May- February 21; James Keeley (Keely)- May 2.
1874: Richard Woods- Late January; Richard Bray (Brey)- August 17; William Johns, Patrick Kelly & William Upham- October 30.
1875: Thomas Williams- May 6; William Henderson- August 18.
1877: Samuel Barrett, Patrick Sullivan & J.M. (or J.C.) Uglow- August 24.
1878: William Molloy- October 9.
1879: P.E. (or B.P.) Woodward- August 1.
1880: Philip Harrington- August 11.

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