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Nye County

AKA: Henry

Both gold and silver discoveries were made in the area in 1904. By the Fall of 1906, the first townsite of Henry was formed. As with many other Nevada mining camps, George Wingfield showed a brief interest at Bellehelen. This occurred in 1907. Wingfield didn't find much that interested him. The Bellehelen Record was a newspaper published here starting in early 1907. It was out of print by the Fall. Some mining activity took place in 1908 with six mining companies and a store operating. This activity didn't last long and the camp was done by the end of the year. A revival occurred starting in 1909. A post office was opened and the camp saw a population of approximately 500 residents. The activity at Bellehelen lasted through 1910 but declined again by early 1911. The next revival would occur in 1917. A more sustained period of activity occurred that last through the 1920's. Bellehelen appeared to go through ups and downs during this period of time. By 1927, there were approximately 400 people living in the camp again. The mill closed down in 1929 and most of the residents left for other areas. A small revival occurred in 1933 with very limited success. By 1934, Bellehelen was done for good.

Post Office: April 27, 1907 to January 19, 1908; October 15, 1909 to November 15, 1911.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: May 2021.

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