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Belmont- Combination Mill

Nye County

The Combination Mining Company was formed by Dr. William Geller of Austin in 1867. The mill was platted to be built east of Belmont on the old road to Monitor Valley. Construction of the mill was halted when a man named John Jones sued the Combination Mining Company over a mining claims dispute in October of 1867. While some work was done on the mill in October of 1867, two workers were badly injured in separate accidents, slowing the work down. This mill was finally finished on February 1, 1868 at a cost of $225,000. It contained 40 stamps, 32 amalgamating pans and 10 roasting furnaces. Water pipe had been run from Combination Spring to provide water to the mill. 300,00 board feet of lumber and 500,000 bricks were used to build this facility. Machinery for the mill was hauled to Belmont from Austin. An article from the Silver Bend Reporter on February 1, 1868 stated ".....The mine of the company whence the ore comes is situated about a fourth of a mile from the mill... About 70 men are at present employed at the mill in several departments..."

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: This mill and Belmont in general, are locations that I have been to repeatedly. My parents, my wife, my children, etc. have all been here. The road east out of Belmont is good, at least to this point.

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