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Eureka County

This area was used by Northern Paiutes and emigrants traveling to California long before any active settlement was established here. The Central Pacific Railroad built their line across this entire area in the late 1860's. The towns of Elko, Carlin and Wells were formed as major rail stops for the Central Pacific. Beowawe was also a community that established itself when the Central Pacific arrived (1868). The word Beowawe may possibly mean 'Gate' or 'Gateway' in Northern Paiute. At the time of its establishment, Beowawe was located in Lander County. Although it sprang up as a rail town, many active cattle ranches also operated in the area. One of these early ranches was the Horseshoe Ranch. This ranch is still active today. Photographs of the Horseshoe are attached below. One Nevada historian claims that the Horseshoe Ranch was established in 1872 by George Grayson and Andrew Benson. A website called Cowboy Showcase, which features prominent western ranches (many in Nevada) claims that this ranch was established in 1862. Beowawe has always maintained a population, although it is said that it never exceeded 200 residents. After the turn of the 20th century, the railroad at Beowawe continued to be a major factor for mining operations located to the south. Ore from the mines was hauled north to Beowawe for shipment. Freighters hauled supplies south to the mines and camps. As with any area in Nevada that relies on mining, boom and bust periods occur. Although short-lived, the boom at Buckhorn (see that page) had a positive effect on Beowawe. In 1914, a power plant was built at Beowawe for the purpose of sending power to Buckhorn about 28 miles away (as the crow flies). This plant powered the town of Buckhorn, as well as the large mill operating in that area. When Buckhorn died, so did the power plant. Beowawe continues to be an active northern Nevada ranching community to this day. The post office was first established here in 1870. With the exception of a six-month closing between 1873 and 1874, it remained open until modern times. I'm not sure if it's still open today, or if it has officially moved south to Crescent Valley.

Also see the page for the Red Devil Mine.

Post Office: April 15, 1870 to December 6, 1873 (Lander County); June 18, 1874 to modern times (Eureka County).

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've been here many times. The last trips were in June and July of 2022. Beowawe is located a few miles south of I-80 west of Carlin. The road to Beowawe is a paved, two-lane, rural road.

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