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Black Spring

Nye County

I can't find very much information regarding this place. The area wasn't known for the standard silver and gold discoveries. Diatomaceous earth was the big producer in the area. The Nature Products Company purchased 200 acres of property in this area. They extracted silica rich soil that also contained several other minerals. It was used in making tooth powders and creams. According to the USGS, the primary mineral extracted here was Diatomite. They do not list any secondary or tertiary minerals. They also listed the form of mining as surface trenching. The USGS stated "3 carloads of diatomite were shipped in the 1920's by the Nature Products Company to Reno and used in tooth powder and toothpaste." They didn't list an initial year of discovery or any ownership information. Shawn Hall listed the Nature Products Company as being headed by J.M. Fenwick.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've driven past it many times, but the photographs are from 2015. It sits off of Poleline Road which links Tonopah to Gabbs via graded dirt road. The road is good but be aware of a dirt road that looks and feels too smooth. I know several people that have driven it a little too fast and had a rogue rock pop a tire. Also, there can be random spots that pop up on Poleline sometimes if it hasn't been graded for a while. It will be good and all of a sudden, a little spot can pop up that catches you off guard. Drive reasonable and it's a great road.

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