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Blue Dick Mine

Esmeralda County

This mine was originally discovered in 1880. They primarily mined for Silver, Lead and Barite, with some Gold being found. According to one filing, people were living and mining at this site from 1912-1922. In 1965, it was reported to be producing well with a small mill being built. A 1982 report stated that some activity was still occurring here. A USGS report states that there are adits 300 feet above the main 135- foot tunnel shaft. That could very well be the structure sitting on the hill in the photos. I've seen reports of this mine being placed in both the Palmetto and Lida Mining Districts. The Lida District makes more sense.

We used to cut our Christmas Trees in this area for many years.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: The last time that we went specifically to Blue Dick Mine was in December of 2013, during Christmas tree season. It had snowed and melted, creating a mud bog. Probably the last 1/4 to 1/2 mile was not drivable, so we had to hike that portion to get in.

Sources: USGS MRDS Report- 10047148 Blue Dick Mine; 10044580 Blue Dick Mine; 10149307 Blue Dick Mine and Mill.

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