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Blue Eagle Springs

Nye County

While mining was prominent in the surrounding mountains, the area located around Blue Eagle Springs is known for cattle ranching. The area was first settled in the 1860's and a ranch was built at this site by Martin Horton. A blacksmith shop, saloon and station house were also built to provide convenience to those passing through the area. The ranch would pass through other owners. Nevada Governor Jewett Adams owned the ranch for a period of time before selling it to the Sharps in either 1895 or 1896. After being defeated for re-election, Adams was appointed to the position of Superintendent of the U.S. Mint in Carson City in 1894. The ranch continued to be run by descendants of the Sharp family up to modern times. The ranch site is now abandoned and there weren't any no trespassing signs. It could be owned by Higbee. Oil was also discovered in the area in the 1960's and was a very good producer. When driving through the area, you can still see the oil producing equipment.

Post Office: None.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've been past Blue Eagle several times but the photographs are from the summer of 2019. This area is very lush. One of the coolest buildings that I've come across in Nevada is located here. The growth and trees have grown up inside of an old building and have completely overtaken it. You'll see it in the photographs.

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