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Nye County

This camp has connections to the Legend of the Lost Breyfogle. Read up on that. It will give this camp more context. One version goes as follows: Breyfogle was camped on the Amargosa River near Ash Meadows with some men that he was traveling with. Circa 1860's. He woke up to see that hostile natives had come into the camp. He fled in the night, on foot and without many supplies. While walking, he found a rich gold ledge. He then walked to Stump Spring in the Pahrump Valley, where he was found by natives and taken hostage for several months. Upon regaining his freedom, he was able to take the gold with him. But he couldn't remember where he had found the ledge. For many decades after this, prospectors searched for the lost ledge all over southern and central Nevada, as well as Death Valley.

In 1906, a man named Zabriskie discovered gold in this location. For reasons unknown to me, he believed that this site may be the Lost Breyfogle. I'm not sure that this makes sense to me, seeing how far away it was from where Breyfogle had originally been. Regardless of my beliefs, a small camped formed. Very little luck was had beyond Zabriskie's original small discovery. The camp was short lived and abandoned. A little bit of further exploration was done in this area for a couple more decades, but it never produced much.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've been past this place many times. the last time was only a couple years ago. Breyfogle sits on the south side of the pass, a few miles east of Manhattan, on the road from Big Smoky Valley to Monitor Valley (Belmont). The road is always pretty smooth. However, snowy or rainy conditions are always going to be a factor.

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