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Bristol Well

Lincoln County

AKA:  Bristol;  National City               

Silver was discovered here by Mormons in 1870. The camp was originally named National City in 1871. By 1882, the camp had the same businesses seen in other large and growing camps. These included stores, saloons, hotels, a barber shop, a butcher, a blacksmith and a paper called the ‘Times’, amongst others. Area population was believed to have reached a high of 700. In 1913, the operations at Bristol and Jackrabbit merged. An aerial tramway was built to link the two sites. You can still see the tram lines stretched over the peak from Jackrabbit to Bristol. The Bristol Mine continued to be a producer into modern times, but the town itself was abandoned of residents long before. While standing near the couple of remaining cabins at Bristol, look off into the distance for the three charcoal kilns. 

Post Office:  October 15, 1878 to April 2, 1887;  May 1, 1891 to March 27, 1893;  April 18, 1907 to April 15, 1908

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  I've been here several times. The last trip was in November 2020. The road from the Pioche side was very good.

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