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Elko County

AKA:  Bullion City;  Railroad City;  Highland;  Empire City;  Bunker Hill;  Railroad Mining District

This is one of the different Bullion area town sites. They also include camps such as Highland and Bullion City. The first silver discovery occurred here in 1869. By 1870, the camp of Highland had many businesses, to include an assay office, store and hotel. In 1870, the census reported a population of 100 at Bullion. This area trend continued for a few years. Dozens of mines were worked in the  area. By 1875, the population had depleted significantly. Population increased again in 1880, but not for long. By the mid 1880’s mining had slowed down. Almost all mining was stopped by 1886. The up and down swings continued for many years. A revival between 1950-1956 produced large amounts of Copper, Lead and Silver. By 1959, the company was bankrupt.

Post Office:  Aug 1871 to Jan 1934

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  July 2016. There are many side roads in this area. I can’t remember where, but I did have to lock in four-wheel drive once.

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