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Calico Hills

Clark County

As teenagers (30 years ago), we referred to these two areas as the "Little Red Rocks" and the "Little White Rocks". They were only a short distance apart. It was a series of old beater, dirt roads leading up towards the Spring Mountains outside of Las Vegas. Back then, this area was miles and miles away from Las Vegas. Whether you lived in Pahrump or Las Vegas, this place was easy to get to. I've probably camped, shot guns, drank beer and sat around the campfire in this place, more than any other place in Nevada (with the exception of Carpenter Canyon and Sunnyside). Today, Las Vegas has expanded right up to the borders of this area. I have heard from friends who live in Las Vegas, that people are no longer permitted to drive up to these locations. I'm not sure if hiking to them is still an option. My buddy Josh Dyer originally showed me many of these glyphs. Between Dyer and Dan Lynch, I got to see a lot of cool stuff that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. The glyphs are everywhere throughout this area if you are able to hike around and find them. I'm not an expert on glyphs, but there are at least two different kinds. Etched and painted. This area was also a little oasis. Shade, game, water, firewood, etc. Some of my best memories in high school and right after, took place here. While it sucks that it is now off limits to good people, I also know that vandals and thieves would have wreaked havoc on this area by now. At least I still have some old photos.

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