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Callaway Well

Nye County

I don't have any details about the history of this place. From the appearance and location, it could have been either a small ranching operation or a stage stop. The road leading here from the north, comes out of the Currant and Duckwater area. If you follow the road south/ southeast, different forks will take either you to Sunnyside and Hiko, or up to Lund. This is just a guess. I have absolutely no information to support that this place was a stage stop. But I'm going to do my best to find out.

If you like weird and colorful rock formations, this a great place to check out. We hiked around for a while and the photos do not do it justice. Check out the photo of the pyramid rock. Look towards the bottom and you will see a small, natural hole in the mountain.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: June 2019. The road through here is all dirt, but it was pretty well maintained.

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