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Mineral County

Spanish prospectors first discovered valuable ore in the area in 1863. By 1873 the Northern Belle mine was developed and the boom was on. Candelaria was home to many saloons, hotels and restaurants, as well as doctors, lawyers, breweries and a newspaper. The peak population reached 1,500 residents between 1881 and 1883. Candelaria was known as a rough town. According to Paher’s book, the local newspaper once reported “No one killed or half-murdered during the past week.” The Candelaria veins ran dry during the 1920’s and was left to the ghosts. Candelaria was considered a sister town of nearby Metallic City, which was not accessible when we went in 2013.

I've included two sets of photos. The second set is from one of the first ghost town trips that I took with my dad a couple decades ago. The advancements in camera technology are crazy!

Post Office:  Aug 1876 to Nov 1882 (as Candalara); Nov 1882 to Jan 1939 as Candelaria.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  April 2013. Candelaria was also one of the first ghost town trips that I took with my dad. We were able to get there on our last trip in 2013 in my wife’s two-wheel drive crossover.

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