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Nye County

Activity began in the area in 1904. It happened differently than other mining camps. Carrara quarried marble, rather than gold or silver. The town was named after the legendary marble that came from Carrara, Italy. Initial discoveries were of poor quality. By 1911, good deposits had been discovered. By 1913, a townsite was laid out. Based on the quarry being in the canyon and the town sitting down on the valley floor, a spur line railroad was built to haul the marble down to the valley floor three miles away. The spur connected with the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad for shipment. Carrara included businesses such as a hotel, dance hall, saloon, store and restaurant. A newspaper named the Carrara Obilisk operated until 1917. Carrara faded by 1924. A Gold revival occurred in 1929, but it was over by the 1930’s.

Post Office:  May 1913 to Sept. 1924.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  May 2015. It's not too far from Highway 95 south of Beatty. The dirt road is decent. Don’t mistake it for the old concrete plant just to the north.

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