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Nye County

AKA: Charleston

The Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad established this site as a railroad station in 1906, as they expanded towards Rhyolite. There was a little bit of unsuccessful mining that occurred here, but it was not the major purpose of the site. Charlestown was completely abandoned after 1918 when the Las Vegas & Tonopah went defunct. This place is pretty desolate and there is next to nothing left. We found some old boards from what would appear to be buildings or structures that haven't stood for years. We also found a lot of old iron bolts and parts. The mining area is easy to see once you get there. If you're going to this site, go simply to say that you wanted to check it off the list, or because you wanted to stand where the pioneers stood. But DO NOT go if you're objective is to see good relics.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: January 2015. The road wasn't too bad. I never needed four-wheel drive that I can remember. Just as a side note: This location is very close to the Nuclear Test Site near Mercury. Pay attention not to cross any of their borders.

Sources: Nevada Place Names- A Geographical Dictionary (By: Helen S. Carlson); Preserving the Glory Days- Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Nye County, Nevada (By: Shawn Hall).

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