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Nye County

AKA:  Helena

Two well respected Nevada historians have differing opinions on the discovery of Clifford in 1905. Paher stated that it was discovered by James and Ed Clifford. Hall claimed that Clifford was actually discovered by an Indian from Tonopah named Johnny Peavine. They do agree that prominent figures such as Hale and Schwab from Pittsburgh, and ‘Diamondfield’ Jack Davis from Goldfield had major holdings in the area. By 1908, peak population reached approximately 500 residents. Clifford had many of the normal boom camp businesses, such as saloons and a dance hall. Final large scale mining operations were done by 1929. Limited mining activity took place during the 1930’s.

Post Office:  December 8, 1908 to July 15, 1909  (under the name of Helena)

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  July 2017. The dirt road was pretty good. 

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