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Cold Springs Station

Churchill County

AKA: Rock Creek; Overland Station

When the Pony Express began their route through this area in 1860, their station was built approx. 1.5 miles east of here. Cold Springs Station was built in 1861. It was used as a stop on the overland stage & mail route from 1861 to 1869. John Butterfield operated the line from 1861-1866. Wells Fargo and Co. operated it from 1866-1869. This route connected Genoa, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah. Cold Springs Station provided wagon repair and blacksmith services, along with fresh horses. Less than half a mile to the north of Cold Springs Station sits the remains of the telegraph building. The telegraph line which connected Sacramento, California to Omaha, Nebraska was completed in 1861. The telegraph building was completed the same year. The telegraph building was used as a maintenance station for servicing the telegraph line in the area. Once messages began going out over the wire in 1861, the Pony Express discontinued their services. Once the railroad opened north of here in 1869, Cold Springs Station and the Telegraph Building were both abandoned. Stage services and the telegraph line were no longer needed. See the page for New Pass Station.

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