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Cove Camp

Humboldt County

Map atlases designate this location as Cove Camp. I have also gone to many Lat/Long sites on the internet and found these GPS coordinates for Cove Camp. But that seems to be about where it ends. I have not come up with a single piece of historical information about this site. Today, it is obviously being used as part of a cattle operation. That's not surprising. It is located in the heart of the big Nevada buckaroo country.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: June of 2018. We found this place on our way to opening day of fishing at Knott Creek Reservoir. Coming from the east, I do not remember the dirt road being bad up to the point of Cove Camp. However, the roads can get rough going past Cove Camp into Knott Creek. We used four-wheel drive for the last leg into Knott Creek that year. Also, the road heading west out of Cove Camp was pretty rocky. We had two trucks. My buddy blew a tire on his. Also, this location is way out in the middle of nowhere. After heading north on Hwy 95 out of Winnemucca, you will take Hwy 140 towards Denio. Cove Camp is located about 35 miles west of Hwy 140, via dirt road. Go prepared and don't plan on cell phone service.

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