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Crown Point Mine & Mill

Storey County

According to the USGS, the mine was discovered in 1859. The first real production began in 1864. Silver and Gold were listed as primary commodities. USGS Report Quote: "Between Kentuck and Belcher Claims". USGS Report Quote: "After some production at the upper levels, a big bonanza was discovered at the Crown Point Mine in 1871. The top of this new ore body, found at the 1000-foot level, coved a resurgence of activity all over the Comstock. This bonanza lies wholly within the main Comstock Lode. Original claim was staked in 1859. Total production 1864 to 1939 was 1,404,040 tons ore with average value of $25.19/per ton. Current open-pit operations conducted by Houston Oil & Minerals." USGS Report Quote: "Between 1862 and 1953, the Comstock Lode mines produced approximately 225,000 kg of gold and 7 million kg of silver. About 192 million ounces of silver and 8.3 million ounces of gold were produced from 1859 to 1986 with 80% of that production made prior to 1880. The value at time of production was about $412 million. The Crown Point Bonanza alone, found in 1871, produced $35 million. The Big Bonanza, found in John Mackay's Consolidated Virginia Mine, produced $105 million between 1873 and 1880."

Crown Point Mine- Mining Deaths- (1863 through 1882): My source: Comstock newspaper archives from that era.

1866: Daniel Brennan- March 11: Thomas Harris- September 30.
1867: William Brown- July 1; William Truscott- July 16.
1869: Edward Foley- August 5: 1869; Also see the Crown Point miners who died in the April 7 Yellow Jacket fire. Those mines were connected underground. See the Yellow Jacket Mine page for further.
1872: James Roach- April 25; William Higgins (appears to have died, but not confirmed)- June 29; John Slattery- October 9.
1874: John Fitzgerald- January 7; Joseph Crocker- September 2.
1875: James Hill- December 27.
1876: William Barnett- May 8.
1877: William Hoskins- February 6.
1878: Richard B. James- November 18.

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