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Esmeralda County

Copper was first discovered in the area in 1902 or 1903. After Bullfrog boomed to the south in 1904, a saloon and place of lodging were opened here for travelers passing through the area. The camp at Cuprite didn't officially form until 1905. Mining companies such as the Tri-Metallic Mining Company and the Goldfield-Midway-Bullfrog Mining Company operated here. The mines were mainly producers of copper, with some silver and trace amounts of gold being taken out as well. In late 1906, the Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad finished their track through this area and established a station at Cuprite. Shortly after, Cuprite became a prominent freight and shipping hub for many mining areas in the region. To include: Hornsilver (later Gold Point), Stonewall, Tule Canyon, Lida and Palmetto. By 1907, Cuprite had a small business district and a post office. When mining declined in the region in 1910, this also helped cause Cuprite to decline. According to Paher, Cuprite was reduced to "one saloon, roadhouse and garage." When looking at the post office dates below, I have to wonder if Cuprite was already in decline prior to 1910. What was the reason that the post office closed its doors by the end of July, 1909.

Post Office: April 30, 1907 to July 31, 1909

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: The photographs are from 2014. Unfortunately, I had just attended a funeral in Tonopah and stopped to see Cuprite on the way back to Pahrump. I didn't have much time to look around and wasn't dressed for the occasion. I didn't get to check it out the way I normally would have. The road from US95 is dirt. I do not remember needing 4WD or hitting any crazy sections.

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