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Dayton Fraternal Burials

Lyon County

I don't remember if this cemetery has any specific fraternal sections. There are several very intricate fraternal gravestones located here. To include: Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias and Ancient Order of United Workmen.

Valley Masonic Lodge #9 was granted Dispensation on February 20, 1865. The lodge was granted full Charter on October 12, 1865. Dan Kendrick was the first Master of this lodge with John Hazlett as Marshal. John Hazlett would go on to become Grand Master of Masons for Nevada in 1895. He would also die that same year. Both men are buried in the Dayton Cemetery. Valley Lodge declined in membership and consolidated with Amity Lodge #4 of Silver City in 1926. Dan Kendrick was also active with the Odd Fellows. There are very ornate symbols for both societies carved on his gravestone.

Dayton Odd Fellows Lodge #5. Instituted June 2, 1863. The original lodge building still stands in Dayton. The Odd Fellows paid $30,000 to have it built. The second floor was utilized as the lodge. The Odeon Saloon and Billiards Parlour utilized a portion of the first story. Territorial Governor Nye once spoke from the balcony in 1863. The Odd Fellows sold the building in July of 1866. I am not sure of the year that the Odd Fellows quit meeting in Dayton.

Lyon Knights of Pythias Lodge #12 was instituted on October 15, 1880. I am not sure of the year that the Knights of Pythias stopped meeting in Dayton.

Ancient Order of United Workmen: I haven't found any dates/ years of when the AOUW organized or stopped meeting in Dayton. There may not have been an AOUW lodge in Dayton.

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