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Dinner Station

Elko County

AKA: Coryell's; Dorsey's; Weiland's; Winters; Oldham's; Park's

The original station was established in the late 1860's by Alex Coryell as a stop on the Elko-Idaho Stage Line. Dorsey purchased the location in 1870. During the 1870's, many towns in Elko County were booming. This station served as a stopping point mainly for stages leaving and traveling to Elko. The connecting locations included Tuscarora, Mountain City, Cornucopia, etc. Dinner Station also served the North Fork-Gold Creek stage, A man named Weiland bought the station in 1880. Weiland built the current building that you see below in the photographs, After a short dispute with the stage company, Weiland brought convenience to the area in the late 1880's. A saloon, store and school had opened in the area by 1889. After the death of J.H. Weiland in 1900, his son sold the station to Frank Winters. The boom at Jarbidge in the early 1900's was good for business at the station. The station was sold to Ed Oldham in 1905, and to Tom Parks sometime after that. The area had also developed as a cattle ranch. After 1910 when cars became more prominent, the stage line diminished. From this point forward, several different owners have owned this property and operated it as a working cattle ranch. The two-story building was restored in the 1990's. It is still being lived in and operated as a cattle ranch today.

Post Office: As Weiland Station during an unknown period of time.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: Located on the rural Mountain City Highway north of Elko. The road is paved. Winter storms are a factor. I am through here pretty regularly. If you are traveling to Dinner Station to photograph the Nevada Historical Marker, it has been missing for years and I have never seen it there.

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