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Nye County

AKA:  Downieville. 

In 1877, four brothers named Downey discovered silver in the area. Word soon spread and miners began to flock to the area from other camps. By 1878, there were believed to be 200 residents. Businesses included the typical saloons and stores. A Wells Fargo office was also opened and a stage line ran from Wadsworth. Downeyville continued to thrive with more residents and businesses coming in. A school and a boardinghouse were also built. By 1885, the decline was in full force and the only residents left were the Downeys. In 1901, a revival occurred when the Downey’s sold out to J. Phelps Stokes (son of Ansom Stokes- Stokes Castle in Austin). The mines were worked briefly but never paid out. Other revivals occurred from 1923 to 1927, as well as a brief period in the 1950’s where small level work took place.

Post Office:  Mar 1879 to Oct 1901

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  Oct. 2015. If memory serves me right, it was extremely rough. 4-Wheel Drive.

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