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East Belmont

Nye County

East Belmont was a suburb of the much larger Belmont. It was not a separate and distant town. Ore was discovered in the area in late 1865. I’ve seen different historians estimate the population of the entire Belmont area as high 10,000 + residents. Other historians estimate it at half that. With that said, that was still a massive city for Nevada in those days. I won’t go into many details about Belmont in this section, since it will have its own section. East Belmont was said to have contained the area’s Chinatown. East Belmont is credited with reviving the slowdown in 1874 when good ore was discovered in several mines near the settlement. Another big revival took place starting in 1914. George Nelson who was president of the Monitor-Belmont mining company, built the Cameron Mill at East Belmont. See the section on the Cameron Mill for more details on its history. After several ups and downs, as well as mine sales to other mining companies, this revival was dead by 1922. According to Hall, many of the stone cabins that you see in the photographs are believed to be part of the old Chinatown district. The ‘Monitor Park’ horse track was also located at East Belmont and operated here from the 1860’s into the 1870’s. One of my favorite relics to see is the old stone cabin with the fireplace still intact. East Belmont may be the best town I’ve seen when it comes to the sheer number of these buildings.

Post Office:  None. Mail received at Belmont.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  July 2017. This is hard to say in totality. It is easy enough to get to East Belmont, but there are many town type streets throughout the area. Some are better than others. We were on quads and had no problems, but full-size vehicles may be different.

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