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East Belmont- Cameron Mill

Nye County

This mill has been mistakenly called the Highbridge Mill. This is incorrect.

By 1911, the entire population of Belmont was under 50 residents and the post office had closed. By 1914, a revival occurred in the area. George Nelson was president of the Monitor- Belmont Mining Company. The Monitor-Belmont Mining Company had acquired most of the old mines in the area. By 1915, work had begun on building the Cameron Mill in East Belmont. The old Combination Mill was torn down and the bricks were used in the construction of the Cameron Mill. If you look north from the Cameron Mill, you can still see the old stack and remnants of the Combination Mill. Electricity was brought to the Cameron Mill from Manhattan. This endeavor also brought electricity to the remaining residents of Belmont. The mill included ten stamps and a 150-ton oil flotation system. The mill worked ore from 21 claims in the area, as well from the existing ore dumps. By 1917, the mill employed 30 individuals. Three mines, to include the Highbridge, kept the operation afloat. The Highbridge Mine was connected to the mill via railway. The Monitor-Belmont Mining Company opened new establishments in Belmont, to include a clubhouse and recreation hall. The population increased and the post office re-opened. The prospects looked promising, but they did not hold out. The Monitor-Belmont Mining Company shut the mill down in the latter part of 1917. The Nevada Wonder Mining Company made some attempts with this property in 1918 without success.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: July 2017. The road to the Cameron Mill was good. The roads to other relics of East Belmont differ. Some can be very rough.

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