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Nye County

AKA: Summit City; Mammoth; Weston

In the winter of 1863, Native Americans discovered a ledge of silver in the area. They were able to guide prospectors to the location. By 1864, two camps called Ellsworth and Upper Weston were formed in very close proximity to each other. The Mammoth Mining District was also formed. As houses were built and businesses came to the area, the two towns eventually merged into one. The original mine in the area was the Mount Vernon, discovered in 1863. The area continued to develop slowly through the 1860's, with a post office opening in 1866. A boom hit the area in 1870-1871. The steam powered, ten-stamp mill with furnace was completed in 1871. The population grew to approximately 200 residents. Businesses continued to come into the district, along with a stage and freight route running out of Wadsworth. The boom was short-lived. By 1872, Ellsworth was already in decline. Ore values fell and the mill was in bad shape. The new rush to Downieville in 1877 saw many Ellsworth residents leave for that location. Only a couple dozen residents and three businesses were left in town. In 1884, the post office closed. The mill was dismantled and moved over to Union Canyon in 1895. A new discovery east of Ellsworth in 1906 saw the establishment of a small camp called Corrine. Shallow ore caused this camp to fold in less than a year. The Tonopah-Brohilco Mines company attempted a revival in the area in 1923. The ore wasn't high-grade but appeared to be decent at $25.00 a ton. This also faded and the revival died in 1925. There were two other attempted revivals in the area from the mid 1920's to the early 1930's. They worked ore that averaged $35.00 to $55.00 per ton. By 1944, the district was officially dead and Ellsworth was a ghost town for good.

Post Office: March 7, 1866 to December 29, 1884.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I am unable to locate the correct date for this trip. The road to Ellsworth is your standard dirt, mountain canyon, road. It climbs in elevation and is about 9 feet wide. It's a truck road but four-wheel drive was not needed.

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