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Empire City Cemetery

Carson City County

Since I have no page for the actual town of Empire City, I'll add a few details here. Empire City has been consumed by modern day golf courses and subdivisions. Empire City was one of the original, pre-statehood Nevada settlements, coming about in 1855. It first operated as a ranch stop for emigrants. operated by Nicholas 'Dutch Nick' Ambrose. Empire City later became a milling town. It not only handled ore from the mines of the Comstock and surrounding areas, but it also milled timber into board lumber. The town was first platted in 1860 and had a peak population of around 700 residents. This entire stretch of the Carson River was filled with mills, to included but not limited to: Gregory's, Baldwin, Mexican, Mead's (my namesake) and many others. By the mid 1860's, the lumber milling had mainly moved elsewhere. Empire City was as busy as it could get with handling Comstock ore. The town had saloons, stores, professional offices, specialty stores and a school. Empire City diminished as the Comstock diminished. By 1880, Empire City was down to approximately 150 residents. By the early 1900's, Empire City was practically finished.

There are approximately 200 burials in this cemetery, but very few of those gravestones are still left.

Post Office: January 22, 1866 to September 12, 1895 (as Empire City in Ormsby County); September 12, 1895 to December 31, 1912 (as Empire).

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