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Eureka Sentinel Museum

Eureka County

The Eureka Sentinel is still active today. The following is a historical excerpt from there website: "Following the death of his partner at the Shermantown Reporter in the Hamilton area in 1870, G.A. Brier moved his press and equipment to the new camp town of Eureka. Together with Dr. L.C. McKenney, a former journalist, they began publishing the Eureka Sentinel July 16, 1870. It became a daily in 1871. A weekly paper was added to the daily August 20, 1879, and the two editions ran concurrently until the daily was suspended in 1887." Both Shawn Hall and E Clampus Vitus list a man named A. Skillman or Abraham Skillman as a founding party. The following is an excerpt from the historical plaque on the old sentinel building. This plaque was put up by the Lucinda Jane Saunders 1881 Chapter of E Clampus Vitus (Elko). "When A. Skillman closed the Shermantown Reporter at Hamilton he moved his printing press to Eureka. Together with Dr. L.C. McKenny they started the Sentinel as a weekly paper in July 1870. It became a daily in June 1871 reporting local and international news via telegraph dispatches. The Sentinel's reporting of mining and other opportunities helped bring people and investors to this once great Nevada mining district. Originally located at No. 5 Buel Street it relocated here in August 1879. Last published on June 12, 1960 by editor. Publisher and owner Edward James Mowle who died two days after the last issue." The two stories are almost identical, with one exception. One version calls the man G.A. Brier. The other version calls him Abraham Skillman. I found a website called skillmansofamerica. This appears to be a multi-generational, genealogical website for the Skillman family. They claim that Skillman was an editor (but not a co-owner or founder) at the Eureka Sentinel from 1870-1900. They also list him as a co-owner of the White Pine News in Hamilton between 1873-1878. They also state that he emigrated to Virginia City in 1868. They do not list anything about him spending time in White Pine County prior to 1870. According to their website, Skillman would have been in Virginia City during the immediate time period prior to 1870. With that said, I have no idea how accurate the Skillman website is. A written description of the Eureka Sentinel from the University of Nevada Las Vegas also uses the version with Abraham Skillman. I'm just putting the information out there. I'm not taking a side on which version is correct. Today, the building that was utilized by the Sentinel starting in 1879 is an active museum. There are all kinds of artifacts from the early days of Eureka. The old lodge regalia from the Masons, Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias is very impressive. There are also some very cool, original era artifacts from the Eureka Fire Departments. It is well worth the visit.

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