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Churchill County

Silver discoveries were made at Fairview in 1905. George Wingfield and George Nixon bought early claims in the area. By 1906, there was a serious rush to the district. Lots were selling for high prices. Population was soon estimated at a couple thousand residents. Many businesses opened at Fairview. To include a newspaper called "The News", an assay office, banks, hotels, a miners union hall and a couple dozen saloons. Stock was also being offered for "wildcat" mining operations in the district. By 1908, Fairview was already in decline. In 1911, the Nevada Hills Mine, which had been discovered in 1906, brought in power, water and build a mill. In "History of Nevada" by Davis, written during this era, he called the Nevada Hills Mine a "Dividend Payer" in "1911". The Nevada Hills Mine was one of the better producers in the district for many years. It closed in 1917 and Fairview went into full decline, but not total abandonment. According to Murbarger's "Ghosts of the Glory Trail", Ed and Sylvia Stratton were the last two residents of Fairview in 1954. I am unsure of how long they stayed beyond that year.

Post Office: April 23, 1906 to May 31, 1919

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: April 2013. We tried to get there but kept finding ourselves boxed out by fences. We heard that these may be military fences for the Fallon Airbase. We were able to get close enough to take some distance photographs. I believe that what you see in the photographs is the remains of a bank vault.

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