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Pershing County

AKA: Spring Valley

Chinese placer miners were the first to work the area as early as 1881. By 1905, Fitting was established as a camp. A post office opened in the camp the same year. By 1911, a dredge had been built and was being used to work gravel. A 15-stamp mill was built below the camp. A stage route was established between fitting and lovelock, which were 29 miles apart. The stage ran twice a week for a $3.00 fare. When Fitting was a camp, it was located in Humboldt County. You won't find much to Fitting these days. The large Couer Rochester mine is up here. There is a lot of new exploration taking place in the area. We saw wild horses, cows and a massive sheep camp. It is a very cool drive through to Unionville.

Post Office: March 24, 1905 to November 30, 1915 (Humboldt County)

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: May 2022 was my first and only trip here. If traveling to Unionville from I-80, via Fitting, read the following statement. At almost 3 miles up, you will take the left fork. This is the Lovelock-Unionville Road (taking a right will lead you to the ghost town of Rochester). Several miles up the canyon, you will begin to see the newer Couer Rochester Mine operation. At a little over 9 total miles from I-80, your instincts will tell you to stay on the paved road. If you do, you will waste many miles driving to an impassable guard shack. At that 9-mile mark from I-80, the paved road will bend right. Don't take it. Stay straight (slowly). You will leave the pavement and enter onto the dirt road. There was a little white sign with very faded letters at this spot. The very faded, almost unreadable letters spelled "Unionville". Both the paved and the dirt roads are very good. I highly advise that you look at this on Google Earth and see for yourself.

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