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Gold Bar

Nye County

Two prospectors from Colorado named Hazeltine and Reinhart arrived in both Goldfield and Rhyolite too late to get in on the initial rushes. In 1904, they set out on their own and discovered rich ore in what is known today as Gold Bar. In 1905, they sold for over $100,000 to Loftus and Davis who organized the Bullfrog Gold Bar Mining Company. The Homestake mine was a solid producer into 1906. Charles Schwab considered a deal to purchase the mine but eventually declined. By this time, the mine was becoming a low-grade producer. A mill needed to be developed on site for the ore to be profitable. The mill was built in 1907. By 1908, Gold Bar was quietly failing. Fraud was involved in the final days of the mine that is too extensive to explain here. There is a great article from Legends of America called “Swindle at the Gold Bar Mine, Nevada”.  It’s well worth the read.

Post Office:  May 1907 to July 1909.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  February 2013. The road was bumpy but okay in a truck.

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