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Goldfield Cemetery

Esmeralda County

I believe that there are over 1,000 burials in this cemetery. I would estimate that a majority of the markers have gone missing or have been destroyed over the years. There are a lot of the generic white crosses with no wording, marking where someone is buried. I had to do a representative sample regarding photographs. I'm trying to keep each cemetery at no more than 30 or 35, for space purposes on this website. I included a few of the really nice stones, as well as many of the dried-out wood markers with the writing on the simple stamped tin. It's really interesting to see what used to be written on grave markers in the old western mining camps. There are many suicides, mining accident deaths, gunshot deaths, etc. There are also quite a few fraternal stones located in this cemetery. Mainly from the Woodmen.

I also apologize for the photo quality. I obviously had a terrible camera at that time.

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