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Goldfield Masonic/ IOOF Cemetery

Esmeralda County

I only used photos of gravestones that are fifty years old or more. There are several that are more modern. There are many burials here where the gravestones are gone. For example, there isn't a single gravestone with Odd Fellows insignia on it. If you look at the 100+ year old gravestone of George Rider, you can see that it is crumbling. As far as I know, it could have crumbled since the last time that I was there. I wonder if the materials used at that time, aren't holding up. That could be a reason why so many are now gone. I've also included a photograph of the Knights of Pythias cemetery. I could not find one single gravestone that indicated a Knights of Pythias burial.

Montezuma Masonic Lodge #30: This lodge was granted charter in June of 1906. There were 139 members in 1911. Goldfield Chapter #16 of Royal Arch Masons (York Rite) was organized in February of 1907. Montezuma Masonic Lodge #30 is still an active lodge in Goldfield, and still meets monthly.

Odd Fellows Lodge: I am not sure what name or number this lodge had. I do know that it was organized at approximately the same time that the Masonic Lodge was (1906). It no longer exists in Goldfield.

Knights of Pythias: A lodge was organized in the early days of Goldfield, but I don't have any further details or information.

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