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Goldspar Mine

AKA: Diamond Queen; Shae; Monolith

This mine was first discovered in 1905. The mine was re-discovered by a man named George Reed in 1958. The primary commodity was Flourine-Flourite, with gold being secondary. The USGS Reports stated: "Workings consist of shallow open cuts, a 200 ft. shaft with levels at 100 and 200 ft. and an open pit" and "Samples from the old underground workings contain 0.05 OZ/ton gold". The Monolith Portland Cement Company operated here from 1958-1967. In 1975, the mine owners were listed as Reed and J.J. Strutzel.

Sources: USGS MRDS Reports- 10103970 Goldspar Mine; 10222767 Goldspar Mine.

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