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Goodsprings District- Oro Amigo Mine

Clark County

AKA: Yellow Pine District

Discoveries were made here in 1905. Copper was the primary commodity mined at this location. Gold, Silver and Platinum were listed as secondary commodities. The owner was listed as being the Oro Amigo Platina Mining Company in 1915. I can only find one year where actual production was listed. The USGS states that 18 tons of copper ore was shipped from the Oro Amigo for processing in 1917.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: The last time that I was here was in 2015. I'm going by memory alone on the road condition. I believe that it was pretty wash-boarded, but nothing crazy. I did read on VegasUnderworld that since I've been there, it is now owned by a company who operates a shooting range or related venture. If that company is still operating at this site, it is likely still off-limits.

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