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Goodsprings District- Whale Mine

Clark County

AKA: Yellow Pine District

The Whale Mine was owned by Frank Williams of Goodsprings. It was also operated primarily as a producer of Lead and Zinc. According to “Mines of Clark County” by William O. Vanderburg, between 1912 and 1917, the Whale produced 98 ounces of Silver, 265,868 pounds of Zinc and 21,238 pounds of Lead. This would not be considered much of a hike to an individual who is young and in shape. However, it is a little ways up the canyon at a decent grade. Just be aware of this. Take water and a few appropriate supplies, just in case.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've been here many times. I believe that 2015 was my last time. The main road to this area is actually paved. The spur road to the bottom of the canyon is about a 1/4 mile. The hike up from there is less than half a mile, but it gains almost 300 feet in elevation over that distance.

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