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Grimes Point

Churchill County

This area was believed to have been used to hunt deer, antelope and bighorn sheep as far back as 8,000 years ago. At that time, the area was filled with lakes and marshes. This area is located in the midst of what used to be the massive Lake Lahontan. These petroglyphs date back to 5,000 BC according to the State Historical Preservation Office. Another source dates them as far back as 8,000 years. Many of them are much younger at 500-600 years old. A lot of the art has meaning that those alive today may never know. Others have been interpreted as "human figures, goats, snakes and horn toads." There is also some evidence at this site of a drift fence. This would have been utilized for large game hunting drives. Some believe that these petroglyphs were done as a spiritual or ritual event prior to a big hunt. It is believed that to those Native Americans, meaningless scribbling would have been looked down upon. Those creating the petroglyphs in an area like this would have either been a tribal leader, or someone involved in the hunt.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: April 2013. Located a few miles east of Fallon, not too far from Highway 95. We went during our annual Virginia City trip. Which means that we were able to make it without problem in my wife's sedan. Seeing the actual glyphs will require walking and hiking though.

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